Safety tips to help you enjoy your time on the water.

should you fall off always stay with your equipment...use as floatation... 

we have found that everyone has a different level of experience in they're ability so we added these videos. So no matter the skill level, a novice or expert paddler take some time to view them. they are here to help keep you safe should you have an incident out on your trip.

tip on standing up 


golden rules of SUPing


what to do if you fall off


tips to paddle straight 


balance tips



tips for getting back into your boat should you fall over

kayak techniques for paddling 

re-entry to kayak

entering kayak from dock


      Safety tips


  • Do not attempt to stand while traveling in the kayak.

  • Do not remove you flotation vest for any reason while in the kayak.

  • It is best if you do not attempt to reach too far over the sides of the kayak, if you drop something overboard into the water maneuver the kayak as close as possible to retrieve the item while keeping your body weight centered.

  • During peak active boating times the best practice is to avoid busier boating canals, channels, boats, crossing the rivers entirely. Stay close to the shoreline. STAY to the sides of MARKED channels when boats are present, they have to stay in the DEEPER marked water to navigate, please give way to them !!

  • When approaching any dock or beach for the purpose of disembarking the kayak use caution and keep gear stowed away to avoid interference while you exit.

  • IF ADDED: to your rental Mirage drive should be in the lock-up position or removed from the hull entirely to avoid damage when in shallow water (you will see the bottom in most cases if the water is shallow) drive must be pulled out while in deeper waters while fins are in straight down position.

  • Mirage drive should be in the lock up position or removed from the hull entirely to avoid damage while beaching or docking the kayak.

  • Be respectful of the wildlife while you are kayaking. In the more secluded areas you may surprise some species as the mirage drive operates quietly, they may get spooked by your presence.

  • Pay attention to your travel while out on the water, the shoreline looks the same from the water especially when you not familiar with the area making it easier to become disoriented.

  • Keep attention on the weather when you are on the water, things change quickly even with predicted forecasts being favorable. get ashore when bad weather looks imminent. we will not add charges if you wait out a thunder storm. 

  • If at any time an emergency should occur, stay with the kayak, it will float, wave your arms to any passing watercraft, they will provide assistance and can call for help, or if no help is available you could try to make it to shore if you are close to land and a good swimmer. A signaling device as simple as a whistle is good to have on the water.

  • Cross boat wakes and waves at a 45 angle for a smoother & drier ride over them.

  • kayaks are not permitted in the point pleasant canal.

  • Grounding of the watercraft is possible, use the paddle to back out. Do not use the pedals if you added them to the rental . paddle backwards into the deeper water you came from. It is best not to get off the craft as it may be muddy and you can sink into the mud.



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